The Raised Desk

The Raised Desk

With the Raised Desk you can work standing or sitting, in the correct position, anytime, anywhere. It's the only standing desk on the market of its kind!

Correct Ergonomics

Correct Ergonomics

The Raised Desk is ergonomically designed to ensure that your neck and arms are in the correct position to avoid pain and ensure proper posture.

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Portable and Compact

Portable and Compact

The patent pending Raised Desk design allows for the shelves to pack into itself so it can be folded into a compact and portable unit.

Pack and Go

Pack and Go

The entire Raised Desk folds into a compact 11 x 15 inches unit which will fit in most laptop bags.

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  • Portable

    Suitable for almost every laptop bag and backpack (11 x 15 inches). Weighing only 9 pounds and TSA compliant.

  • Adjustable

    With 12 different shelf height option, suitable for anyone from 5'0" to 6'3".

  • Sturdy

    Holds over 30 pounds on each shelf. The average laptop weighs about 5 pounds. Rugged yet strong, smooth, and stylish.

  • Sets Up in Seconds

    The Raised Desk is easy to assemble. No Tools Required!

  • Recyclable

    Made from 100% recyclable anodized aluminum.

  • Early Bird Special!

    At special Kickstarter pricing of 25% off for those that pre-order quickly, everyone can now enjoy the benefits of a portable stand up desk.

Ergonomically Correct

Ergonomically Correct

Ergonomically correct positioning for a neutral neck and forearms horizontal. Two adjustable shelves ensure custom fitting for anyone.

Benefits of using the raised desk

  • Heart Healthy

    Standing can reduce your risk of heart disease while also increasing good HDL cholesterol levels.

  • Increases Energy

    To stay alert for a natural jolt of energy, standing can be a simple but overlooked remedy.

  • Tones Muscles

    Standing strengthens leg, ankle and foot muscles while also increasing balance.

  • Improves Posture

    The spine is in a more naturally aligned position while you stand as opposed to being hunched over a desk.

  • Boosts Metabolism

    Standing discourages mindless snacking and increases the enzymes needed to metabolize food.

  • Burns Extra Calories

    When you're standing, fat-burning enzymes stay activated. burning far more calories than when you're sitting.

The Raised Desk Is:

Portable. Suitable for almost every laptop bag and backpack (11 x 15 inches) and ideal for the modern worker who travels to different locations.

Height Adjustable. Suitable for anyone from 5'0" to 6'3" with 12 different shelf height options.  

Lightweight. At only 9.0 pounds, easy to carry on your commute or travels.  TSA compliant carry-on design.  

Easy to Assemble. Sets up in just seconds. No tools required.  

Sleek and Stylish. Made from anodized aluminum, the same material used in high-end laptops.

Sturdy. Holds over 30 pounds on each shelf without any problem. The typical laptop weighs about 5 pounds.  Strong, smooth, and stylish and made for rugged support.  

Optimally designed. Offers a shelf area for a mouse (left or right handed). Designed with holes in shelves to allow for cooling air-flow to laptops or monitors. 

Earth-friendly. 100% recyclable materials.

Anodized Aluminum. A high quality, durable finish which will stand up to daily use. 

Economical. At a special Kickstarter pricing up to 25% off, everyone can now enjoy the benefits of a portable stand up desk.  



What size is it when folded up?

The Raised Desk is 11 inches x 15 inches x 1-1/2 inches when folded into the portable case.

Does it work for left-handed people?

Yes! The mouse shelf can be attached on either the left or right side of the keyboard shelf.